About the Artist

Simon Knight

About the artist

The Art of Simon Knight

Born In Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in 1972, Simon Knight has always been interested in drawing and doodling. He moved to Cornwall in 1980, and after he failed GCSE art, it was no longer a keen interest. In 2012 Simon reached for the pencils again. What you see today, in galleries and restaurants across his native Cornwall, UK or in the private commissions of those that have been entranced by his work, is testament to his passion for his pencils and his new-found love of the technique known as Photorealism. Photorealism, is drawings that go beyond what is seen in a photo. Drawing on the inspiration of an established Photo realist Pencil Artist, Simon’s works are making statements in their own right.

He took on his first commission in the Summer of 2014, 18 months after he started drawing. Each piece takes 40-120 meticulous hours. But worth it. His first commission captured the essence perfectly of the couple he drew, and people started to take notice.

His quest for developing his skills and of finding his own style and footprint led him to research the work of other artists.

As he researched, he realised his images needed to be more realistic and knew there was more hard work to be done. After taking workshops with Dirk Dzimirsky in Germany and Kevin Okafor, Simon has taken on the use of charcoal to increase detail, depth and most of all, emotion.

Simon has a varied portfolio of portraits, seascapes and animals. His work continues to be recognised around the UK, and with the help of social media followers from all over the world. Have a look at his portfolio to find out more about the works he has created.