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The Art of Simon Knight

Born In Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in January 1972, from an early age Simon was always interested in doodling. He moved to Cornwall in 1980 and by the time he’d left school art was no longer a keen interest. In 2012 Simon reached for the pencils again. What you see today, in galleries and restaurants across his native Cornwall, UK or in the private commissions of those that have been entranced by his work, is testament to his passion for his pencils and his new found love of the technique known as Hyper-realism. Hyper-realism, are drawings that go beyond what is seen in a photo. Drawing on the inspiration of two well established Hyper realist artists, Simon’s work is making statements in their own right.

Life as a qualified Architectural Technician was moving at accelerated pace into the world of CAD software. But something was missing. Drawing with software does not quite cut it. Having not picked up a pencil for 20 years, he decided to buy a cheap pad and some pencils to have a go again.

His first results weren’t as bad as he thought but it wasn’t exactly something to show. In 2012 he locked into the Hyper-realist style and signed up with Linda Huber, a very talented Pencil Artist in New York, although they never met, or spoke, all the tuition was done online. Immediately the signs were obvious, having watched a few tutorial videos, Simon had suddenly changed his drawing style, the difference in 1 month was astounding.

Linda pushed Simon to his maximum, when he thought a drawing was finished she would politely acknowledge his achievement, but advise to make a few adjustments, enabling him to really focus on form, detail and clarity. The lightbulb was his first finished drawing, he still sees it as one of the best he’s completed. He continued to work with Linda for another year, beginning to choose his own images. he produced his first Landscape of Holywell Bay and decided to post on Facebook, reluctantly. The feedback was beyond what he expected, people where asking for prints and the ball has started rolling from there.

He took on his first Commission in the Summer of 2014, 18 months after he started drawing. Each piece takes 40-60 meticulous hours. But worth it. His first commission captured the essence perfectly of the couple he drew, and people started to take notice.

His quest for developing his skills and of finding his own style and footprint led him to research the work of other artists.

As he researched other artists, he realised his images needed to be more realisitic. Simon knew there was more hard work to be done. He signed up for a drawing workshop in Germany with the Hyper-realstic Artist Dirk Dzimirsky, Simon was blown away with the drawings he produced and knew this is what he needed to achieve if he was going to stand out from the crowd. A very intense 5 days meant Simon had to re-adjust his drawing techniques, something that felt very alien.

On his return he tried the new techniques but felt what he had learned previously had worked better for him. Maybe mixing the two would give better results? And in doing so, Simon’s developed his own style.

By 2016, 3 and a half years after beginning drawing, Simon has a varied portfolio of objects, people and animals. Simon is slowly developing his skill and choosing subjects more carefully. His current theme of sea animals has been displayed and sold in restaurants around Cornwall.