Art supplies.. What do you draw your art with?

Art supplies.. What do you draw your art with?

I get asked a lot about the type of paper, pencils etc I use to create my art work.

Art Paper

I have, generally, used Bristol type art paper which is 2-3 layers of board bonded together, this provides a tough surface for continually adding graphite layers and erasing over and over again (up to 6 layers). The two varieties I have used are Bristol smooth and Bristol Vellum. Smooth is as smooth as you can get from my experience, great for lighter detailed images. Vellum has more ‘tooth’ or roughness which is better for holding more graphite, which in turn, means darker images.

I have since started using Hahnemuehle Nostalgie art paper, which is in between these 2 and I find it holds graphite a lot better for really smooth and dark shades. My new go to paper!

Art Pencils

As far as pencils go, I use both Faber Castell 9000 series and Staedtler blue pencils. Staedtler provide a matter darker black for 7 & 8B. I sometimes use black coloured pencil for small areas of solid black, and charcoal for larger areas as this doesn’t shine like graphite does.
I also use mechanical pencils for fine areas, as it provides a consistently sharp (but not too sharp like a newly sharpened pencil) point, but also remaining fine.

I’m in the process of trying graphite powder with a paint brush to layer large areas of graphite.

Blending is with tissue and a blending stump (tortillion) and to lighten areas I erase with a kneaded eraser. For fine hairs etc, I use a Tomboy Mono eraser which can produce really fine white lines where needed.

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